JDM Engines & Why They Have Low Miles

Japanese Domestic Market or JDM is used to describe cars and their spare parts imported from Japan. JDM engines in Japan are built to use a certain petrol octane, different from the engines built for United states. Despite that, car spare parts are imported from Japan to the USA and work just fine. We are going to discuss JDM engines sales in the USA.

Spare parts importation rate from one of Asia’s most developed nations and world top car maker, Japan has risen. The main reason for this is the high demand from car owners and dealers from the US. Also, it’s important to note that cars in Japan undergo inspection which determines cars’ worth and if it’s appropriate for Japanese roads. The inspection is known as Shaken and can reduce a vehicle’s value. The older the vehicle, the more Shaken standards demand in cost. Moreover, Japanese car owners dislike car repairing because auto mechanics charge much. If a Japanese car fails to meet the standards, it is prevented from using Japanese roads. The result to selling the cars or their spares to other countries.

JDM engines have low mileage, compared to the ones in the US. In the United States, there are wider roads, car speeding, and restricted traffic unlike Japan which has an unfriendly environment for car owners. The highest mileage of a car from japan is 65,000 miles. That’s means they have a long life left. Even though most USA and Japan engine version are identical, they have different displacement size and therefore need some changes to work properly. The fact that JDM engines have low mileages has amazed American car owners.

Several companies have risen with a purpose to supply JDM engines to the USA. Some of them import complete harnesses attached to motors. There are also auto garages that are more knowledgeable about japan engines and ensure you use original accessories and the right engine management system. Therefore it is less hassle to install JDM engines in US cars.